RI Quarterly Omnibus

RI Quarterly Omnibus
Periodicity: quarterly

Territory coverage: Delhi NCR

Sample options:

2000 respondents aged 18+, who reside in Delhi NCR SEC A1, A2
1000 respondents aged 18+, who reside in Delhi NCR(half of the sample), SEC A1, A2
1350 respondents aged 18+, who reside in urban settlements, SEC A1, A2
Method of respondents’ selection: random route selection

Survey procedures:

Survey is conducted by “face-to-face” interviews
Normal interview length 20–40 minutes
Data collection is performed by Researchindia network of interviewers
Standard survey results:

Data file (SPSS, OCA or ASCII format)
One-dimensional distribution tables
Brief description of the survey methodology and survey procedures
Report types (for additional cost):

Brief informational report
Detailed analytical report
Two-dimensional distribution tables
Power Point Presentation


RI translates your questions into Hindi  and English Field work starts Field work ends
22-Nov 29-Nov 08-Dec
Data entry and processing Datasets and frequency tables ready
09-12-2019 13-Dec

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